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Which Pliers Do I Choose?

Which Pliers Do I Choose?


It is a common dilemma whether to buy a set of the Baby Wubbers or a set of the Classic Wubbers. If you look at the table below, you will see that there is quite a difference in the sizes. 


We often hear people comment that they have small hands, so they need small pliers. That is definitely a consideration when choosing pliers, but there are more things to think about when selecting the right pliers.

Here are a few things to consider... 

1.  The type and weight of material being used

Working with harder metals or heavier gauges? This calls for heftier pliers that provide more leverage and that have sturdier jaws. The Wubbers Classics are a great choice. Once you get used to larger pliers for heavier work, you will wonder how you ever managed without them!

2.  The type of work you are doing

When you are working with tiny components or finer gauges of wire (20-gauge or lighter), perhaps the Baby Wubbers would be your first consideration. Lighter work often requires smaller jaws and tips on your pliers, and the Baby Wubbers would be a great choice.

Even “small” hands must do “big” jobs, so be sure to consider pliers that provide extra leverage. If you are used to working with smaller pliers, be sure to expect a short adjustment period before you feel completely in control and comfortable with the Classic Wubbers.

3.  The strength of your hands

If you have less hand strength, leverage is your key to success. Choose the longer Classics to “leverage” your hand strength to “mighty” proportions!

4.  The condition of your hands

Do you suffer from pain? If you suffer from hand pain, then you might want to consider the Classic Wubbers. That is because the Classics:

  • Have longer handles and the ends of the handles do not hit the palm of your hand, causing much less irritation and resulting pain.
  • Have broader shoulders—you can easily “get a grip.” That is, you don’t have to clench your hands as tightly in a fist to securely close the jaws of the Classic Wubbers.
  • Have light action springs, reducing the stress on your hands

In closing, it is important to acknowledge that everyone is different. Every pair of hands is different, and creative processes are as unique as every individual. So, despite all the advice and opinions out there about which pliers are the best, the final decision about which is always quite personal.

Wubbers tools are unsurpassed in their ability to meet the needs of jewelry makers. Suited for the novice and professional alike, Wubbers are the pliers that work for you. Wubbers are guaranteed to increase your productivity as well as the quality of your finished product.

Wubbers are easy on your hands and easy on your metal. They are engineered for precision and offer the ultimate experience in comfort and control. Each pair is meticulously hand finished to minimize marring and to ensure that Wubbers’ quality is incomparable.



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